I wholeheartedly believe in sharing the sweetness within. Whenever I think of something kind I always share that thought with whomever it concerns. Everything from “love those shoes” to “new haircut, looks great” to “you’re beautiful” to “you’re an inspiration” spills out of my mouth on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong – I never throw out false compliments because I don’t see the point in lying. In fact, lying is my biggest pet peeve. 
I don’t believe in keeping such positivity inside for only me to think about when amazing, beautiful, inspirational people completely deserve to hear how great they are. 
A few days ago, a very good friend of mine said to me “we are our own worst critics” just after I expressed being unhappy with myself once again. It wasn’t the first time I had heard that expression but for some reason, this time it stuck. 
We truly can’t judge a book my its cover. Individuals are unique beings and every person has their own story to tell. A story that one could never guess or assume unless it was shared with them. I’m lucky to say that I have many extremely inspirational people in my life. Many of whom have shared stories about themselves that were shocking discoveries. Whether it be a rough upbringing, personal triumphs, mental or physical obstacles to overcome or at least understand, they are all extremely personal, unique, and full of strength. Humans are so much stronger than they often give themselves credit for, the good ones at least, and I just wish that this world could be one of support and positivity. 
Nothing will ever be perfect, but why do we as humans pick on people in a way that is completely unnecessary. Why does it matter if she has greasy hair every day at school (maybe she doesn’t have access to a shower), or if he likes to do ballet (maybe it’s his escape), or if she always eats the same thing for lunch (maybe it’s all she knows how to make herself), or if she wants to be called a he, or if he loves to sing even though he’s tone deaf. The point is that it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. 
But there will always be people who judge. There will always be people who thrive on bringing awareness to the negativity, to the nasty, to the crude, the awful, thoughtless, muddy waters. 
In this world where there are certainly these hate-mongers trolling the streets, let’s make sure there are at least 3 more pineapples for each one. It’s as easy as thinking you like that stranger’s scarf and then just telling them so. You most likely just made that person’s day. When you think your friend is truly remarkable for one reason or another, don’t keep that to yourself. Communicate. Write them a letter, send them an email, shoot them a quick text. 
It’s been a personal goal of mine for a few years now to always share my positive thoughts. I have been following through with this goal, and you know what I’ve noticed? More smiles, more confidence being boosted, more laughter, and more heartfelt thank yous. More randomly beautiful conversations with strangers, and more respect thrown back and forth. 
Today’s society is so hard on everyone both physically and emotionally – so let’s make each other’s day. Let’s simply share those positive thoughts, and let’s make smiles spread across the universe like shooting stars. One fading away as another one lights up the sky a short distance away. Simply make someone’s day. Listen to their story. Appreciate the uniqueness of each individual on this earth. Be you. Your true self. And be a pineapple.