The sun dances around the Earth

Brightening the world,

Giving life with a silent smile.


Over and over again

The sun will dance around the Earth.


I’m strong and I’m weak,

And I’m driven and I work hard,

And I appreciate and I love,

And I listen. I always listen.


Over and over again

I find myself listening.


And the words are always just as loving,

Just as positive, just as hopeful as the last time.


And then again; it always happens again.


Over and over again.





A beautiful turquoise ocean,

Filled with salt water tears.


Flowers count on the sun

As people count on each other

To stand tall and grow, unwilted.


I am strong but I am weak.

I care but I care too much.

I feel but I feel too much.

It must be a hard time.

It must be me.

It must be.

But it isn’t me. It’s never me.

It’s always just another promise.


There must be a world

Where broken promises go to rest.

Every wilted flower, every lie.

And to think, these promises could be mended,

If the clouds would only clear,

If the flowers could feel warmth once again.


But that is just a dream.



There will always be broken promises,

Just like there will always be wilted flowers.


As oceans fill with salt water tears,

As flowers wilt under clouds,

As disappointment flows through my veins,

I can always count on the sun to dance.